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Facebook’s new Chat Extensions lets you use Messenger bots in group chats so you can watch a sports game’s play-by-play together from the Score’s news ticker bot, collaborate on building a Spotify playlist, figure out which hotel you want to stay at with friends and book it via Snap Travel or get a consensus on booking a flight through Kayak.

Open Table, the NBA, Food Network, WSJ and other developers are also launching group bots today. Tech Crunch reported last month that Facebook would launch these group bots today at F8.

Colombina is a user-friendly framework for development of electronic assistants personalities or chatbots for aggregation of any types of data, processing it, sending commands to connected devices and generating human-friendly responses.

The internet is fueled by ad spend and now that bots can join the party, they’ll be taken even more seriously by both messaging platforms and brands. But with the cool factor for customer engagement, the proof is in the plateau — the plateau of productivity.

Marketing pros always like to talk about the cool factor. Chatbots, one of the hottest trends in consumer technology, are invading the 2016 election, with Democrats and progressives deploying the artificial intelligence-powered software to do things like register voters and keep supporters engaged with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I wake up in the morning and tell Alexa to play my Brazilian Samba, I let Amy set my meetings and I check stats and reports in Slack.

So, whether you’re a bot developers and looking for a platform to promote your bot, or simply a user who love bots and looking for one on a specific category or platform — you’re more than welcome to explore “There is a bot for that” and discover bots.

Customer support software company Freshdesk announced today that it has acquired chat app and bot creator Chatimity.

Line is ramping up incentives for third party developers to make chatbots, and thereby expand the utility of its platform, as the great scramble of messaging giants applying AI to keep users engaged continues.

When we saw Facebook launch their ad bot product on Messenger last month, it became strikingly clear that we had just entered a new phase of online advertising., which added bots to Skype, talked about this text-based technology as if it would change lives.Now the bots have been built (more than 100,000 for Messenger at last count) and most lives are ... So for now, Facebook is focusing on making Messenger easier to navigate.Until now, bot experiences were just you and the bot.But that puts a ton of pressure on the bot to seem human.Users will be able to check out a preview screen about what a bot does before starting a conversation with one.

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