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If this is not the case, consider using our turnkey solution CES (Centreon Enterprise Server) that lets you install supervision platform very easily.

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Weather conditions were clear and the cause of the crash is under investigation.

"Right now we have investigators at the scene who are trying to verify all hypotheses," Colagiacomo said.

If you see errors or some things to add in our documentations, you are welcome to contribute if you want to help us.

You can open tickets to give feedbacks or patch in order to improve contents. Try Centreon IMP in order to improve your Time To Monitoring!

Both central server and remote poller are installed from the latest release (3.3) of CES. [1459268935] [7864] [1459268935] [7864] Checked 7 commands.

I followed the remote poller setup in the documentation and can successfully SSH from the central server to the remote poller without using passwords (by using PKI). [1459268779] [7278] Checked 0 service dependencies.

Because the servertime was running ahead the timestamps (the last update time) in the RRD files are in the future. Set the right time on the server if you have not done this yet.

You can calculate the time it will take before the RRD files will start to update again: 1341675817 seconds – 1341654743 seconds = 21047 / 60 to calculate minutes / 60 to calculate hours = 5.8 hours.

The poller and collector are on the same version 2.7.4.


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