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Before he started touring the world, releasing influential full lengths, headlining major festivals and gracing the cover of taste making magazines with Jonny White, Kenny Glasgow already had a cult and loyal following dating back to the early nineties.Kenny Glasgow first became immersed in the scene as a promoter, putting on illicit warehouse parties in his native Toronto before progressing to become resident at acid house mecca The Buzz and later the world famous Industry Nightclub.

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In fact, Rhode is giving away the bride, a former call girl who once was involved in a plot that almost got him killed!

But that's not the weird part, because the private eye soon uncovers a secret on Bald Head that threatens a publishing empire -- and puts him in the sights of a crazed killer who feeds his victims to the sharks!

Kenny Glasgow is a North American electronic music pioneer; a role he’s held for over two decades.

The Canadian has returned to his solo roots after spending 5 years as half of the acclaimed duo Art Department, functioning as a musical engineer, composer of both music and lyrics, and vocalist.

But her editors are reluctant to print the story without iron-clad proof.

Rhode heads below the Mason-Dixon Line in search of a killer, only to discover that the murder is the tip of a sordid iceberg.

With 2016 being the biggest year for electronic music so far, it seems only fitting that one of the industry’s biggest artist’s represent the genre at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Since 2012, The Chainsmokers have settled into their sound with the releases of their Billboard breakthrough, “#Selfie”, which was later followed by their massive singles, “Let You Go”, “Roses”, and their newest, “Closer”. American singer Halsey, is an electro ballad found in the 95 BPM range.

Donington Park was the home of Monsters of Rock Festival – Download's legendary predecessor – and has hosted Download since its first edition in 2003.


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