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I look at teenagers now and say, "I wish I'd looked like them when I was that age." I had no style whatsoever, but style also wasn't as prominent as it is today. Jeans are a staple — I have way too many in my closet!

A., it's like my clique are my sisters and my best friend. I live in Florida now, and I don't have that many close girlfriends that I hang out with.

1976) is an actor, producer, and author who is most well known for playing DJ Tanner-Fuller on Full House from 1987 to 1995 and the 2016 spin-off Fuller House for Netflix.

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At first she is flattered by his constant attention, but then he becomes possessive and jealous-telling her who she can speak to and what she can wear. Candace was ok as Stacy, I wish she'd act more nowadays.

Threats escalate into violence when Bobby thinks Stacy has stepped out of line. She pretty much dropped off the face of the earth...anyway, this is something every girl should watch.

Some years I went to a private school for a couple of hours, and then I'd always finish up with a tutor. Some years I went to a private school for a couple of hours, and then I'd always finish up with a tutor. I was just very laid back, usually wearing jeans and tank tops and flip flops. It's warm in Florida, so I wear jeans and a tank top every day.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to get a guy to notice you? I gave my number to [my future husband] Val on a blank check, I think.

In the snap, Cameron Bure wears a black spaghetti strap dress, pendant choker necklace, and a half updo, while Weinger dons a classic black tuxedo and bow tie.

The actress shared a throwback photo on her Instagram account today from the actual event, and it is giving us serious '90s nostalgia.

It should also come as no surprise that the similarities will irk D. (Despite As for Matt, he’ll find “love” in Cristal, a twenty-something hot yoga instructor who often walks between rooms using only her hands.

“from the way they look to the way they speak to the way they act,” and it should come as no surprise that she’ll be dating Steve.

Soon she is walking on egg shells and living in fear.

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