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Coach Roza Krasnova began coaching at Norfolk Collegiate in 2013 as an assistant varsity coach to our volleyball team.

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Coaching volleyball is a goal that Coach Nicole Weyer had when she came to Norfolk Collegiate four years ago as the upper school dean of students.

This year, she shared her love for the sport with student-athletes and helped to instill the fundamentals of the game.

Luke Reilly is a new coach and teacher at Norfolk Collegiate, but he isn’t new to the sport of lacrosse.

He has coached for more than 10 years and is excited to share his passion of the sport with our students. Frank Thomson is new to Norfolk Collegiate but he isn’t new to the game of baseball.

We are looking to provide the teens with the tools they need to become a successful caring adults. To provide more recreation time, educational and prevention programs 2.

Our Teen Hours of Operation at our Diggs Town Unit will be Monday-Friday from pm-pm.Our program emphasizes participation, whether for athletes aspiring to play at a college level or for those who simply enjoy competition and camaraderie.Athletes compete in the fall, winter and spring seasons and have opportunities to participate at the middle school, junior varsity and varsity levels.He hopes to prepare students to carry a tenacious passion for baseball and his 10 years of coach experience is sure to stir that gift.Staring's outgoing, energetic coach style is building community among the girls' varsity field hockey team. No one is asked to contribute, just to enjoy the photos. Be proud on her and share her qualities with all of us! These are the kinds of women I wish would be in fantasy strangle fuck videos.

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