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Alongside standard financial talk of high-yield investments and Excel spreadsheets, the Tumblr Sex Worker Helpfuls addresses a more specific set of questions like these.It’s one of several sex worker-run websites and message boards that offer financial advice to strippers, cam girls, sugar babies, dominatrices and escorts about everything from STIs to personal safety—and money is a popular subject.

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“The illegitimate and stigmatized nature of this work makes handling money feel really dicey and kind of stressful,” said Savannah Sly, president of the social justice organization the Sex Workers Outreach Project.

It’s also why sex workers are sometimes excluded from the mainstream financial industry.

“In the old days, it was the kind of things you might talk about to other girls if you worked in a brothel together or at an escort service,” says Maggie Mc Neill, a sex worker who has been in the business for 18 years and runs the blog The Honest Courtesan.

“Nowadays, you strike up friendships on [message] boards and talk to each other.” It’s no wonder that finances attract special concern.

Sorry for the offensive title, I didn’t mean to offend ‘your daughter’ or ‘any girl’ in particular.

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