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DLL ("dynamic link library") files such as are small programs, similar to EXE ("executable") files, which allow multiple software programs to share the same functionality (eg. For example, let's say you are running Windows XP and editing a document in Microsoft Word.

The DLL file that controls printing does not need to load unless it's function is needed - eg. When you select "Print", Microsoft Word calls the printer DLL file, and it is loaded into memory (RAM) at that time.

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I would try that, if I could access the ftp sites with the current defs (as I mentioned above, they won't work here either) ...

the old version showed a 'failed' update - the new version shows me as being up-to-date, but I don't believe it actually completed a definition download ...

sometime today e Trust v7.0.7.7 failed to auto-update - it seems to be a problem on their end, as I can't access some of their ftp sites either, and at least one other person has also had an update problem ... and it won't run an on-demand scan either, so I effectively have no A/V ... it just so happens I'm up for renewal in less than 2 months, and it's not looking good for CA ...

just snag the update later and no harm done - except that e Trust then decided to shut off real-time and email protection because of the unsuccessful update ...

When the Proxy SG appliance intercepts an HTTPS connection, it terminates the client request and then initiates a new request to the OCS, posing as the client.

It is critical that the Proxy SG have an up-to-date list of trusted CA certificates to ensure that the OCS is authenticated and the connection is trustworthy.

Science offers a growing collection of methods, techniques and theory about all kinds of specialized scientific modelling.

A scientific model can provide a way to read elements easily which have been broken down to a simpler form.

The Proxy SG appliance uses its built-in browser-trusted CA Certificate List (CCL) for this purpose by default.

The browser-trusted CCL includes most of the well-known CAs trusted by common browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.

If you want to print a document in another program, Adobe Acrobat for example, that same printer DLL file will be used as well.


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