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A série estreou em Portugal, como o nome de "As Taras de Tara", no canal FOX Life em Setembro de 2009.

E no Brasil é transmitida pela Fox Brasil desde Outubro de 2009 com uma ótima audiência.

United States of Tara (no Brasil, O Mundo de Tara) foi uma série de comédia - drama criada por Diablo Cody e estrelando Toni Collette.

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When the program debuted on Showtime two years ago, it wasn’t surprising that Collette so ably portrayed Tara and her many alters.

What was unexpected was how uninteresting her other identities were.

is the addition of Eddie Izzard as psychology professor Dr.

Hattaras, who takes a professional—yet skeptical—interest in both Tara (Toni Collette) and her multiple personalities.

His other notable films include Argo, The Artist, Flight and Blues Brothers 2000.

The actor had a stint in rehab in 2007 and spoke about his battle with alcoholism in an interview with the Guardian in 2012.The friends I have that don’t [use condoms] I find surprising, disturbing, and sad.I try to explain to them why they should be practicing safe sex.Watching his character “Moosh” (Marshall’s nickname) on United States of Tara struggle to come of age, I can’t help but want to pat him on the head, put my arms around him, and tell him it will all be okay!The person who plays Marshall seems to be more grounded and experienced.Tara Gregson, uma pintora de murais, e que vive com seu marido Max, e seus dois filhos adolescentes Marshall e Kate nos conta como é viver sem ter total controle de sua vida, tendo transtorno dissociativo de identidade (DID).

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