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Each of the efforts above boasts some talented contributors – shout outs to Lisa Henry, Julie Reulbach, Sam Shah, Raymond Johnson, Tina Cardone, and the communities they lead – but I find it hard to believe similarly talented people don’t exist in other content areas. There is much greater variation in what states and districts require for social studies or even science. In my own district, I found it hard to find anyone with much of a passion for trying new things…those who truly wish to invest the time for self-improvement. I don’t have a blog of my own (yet) but have grown so much by blogs I’ve found via Pinterest, Twitter, and google searches. Almost all secondary math curricula include the same topics. I certainly don’t get that vibe from the science teachers or the English teachers. It is out of necessity in order to find those who are equally passionate. Traffic stopped in the ed Web community, and the in-person meeting which had peaked at about 20 people gradually shrank.

“I was moved to start collecting by his sculpture Africa, while our president was moved to ban his work,” said Viljoen.

In the first case, he was referring to Murray’s public sculpture on St George’s Mall in Cape Town, a bronze West African fetish figure sprouting garish yellow Bart Simpson heads, which was funded by the JK Gross Trust.

“It was the time of the IT bubble and Y2K,” he said during a private tour of his museum, a repurposed Victorian home built in 1890 on New Church Street in Tamboers­kloof.

Challenging the prevailing orthodoxy, he presented a talk at an Investec conference that “lambasted” the hype surrounding the new digital economy.

I think the fact that ed Web was a closed community, with formal membership was a fatal mistake.

In a speech to inaugurate his new contemporary art space, the New Church, South Africa’s first privately owned museum devoted exclusively to contemporary art, financier and collector Piet Viljoen conjectured how he and President Jacob Zuma were “connected through art and, specifically, Brett Murray’s work”.

“The visual thread in my Power Point presentation was Murray’s sculpture.” Afterwards someone told him that art dealers Andries Loots and Fred de Jager were selling a miniature bronze model of Murray’s work. “I saw a whole bunch of other stuff that blew my mind.

That’s where it started.” Murray’s model, which is the size of a gold Academy Award, is on a shelf next to some of Norman Catherine’s freaky oil-on-wood mini-sculptures in Viljoen’s museum office. For a while now there has been whispered talk about a big-name collector opening a private art museum in Cape Town.

In 1987, with Julia Hailes and Tom Burke, he co-founded Sustain Ability, a think tank and consultancy that works with businesses through markets in the pursuit of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Then, in 2008, he co-founded Volans Ventures with Pamela Hartigan, Sam Lakha, Geoff Lye and Kevin Teo.

He is currently a Founding Partner and Chairman & Chief Pollinator at Volans, John Elkington was described by Business Week in 2004 as "a dean of the corporate responsibility movement for three decades." In 2008, the Evening Standard had named him among the ‘1000 Most Influential People’ in London, describing him as “a true green business guru,” and as “an evangelist for corporate social and environmental responsibility long before it was fashionable.” But his first involvement in the field dates back to 1961 when, aged 11, he raised money for the newly formed World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

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