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I’ve a confession that may or may not surprise you: I am two months shy of 24 and I got together with my boyfriend at the tender age of 14, during the extremely heady days of peak emo.

Now we are poor creative types; he’s an animator and I’m a writer, so we spend our time figuring out how we’re going to eat.

Back in 2007 we were best friends and I had another boyfriend (scandal) who is, incidentally, the only other person I know to have been in a relationship for a similar length of time.

When I started seeing my now-boyfriend I liked him a ton but I was a cynical lil' kid, keen not to start proclaiming lifelong love on my MSN name after two days. I am not super romantic or soppy – I have always just wanted friendship, love and sex without flowers or fauxmance, even as a teenager.

And think about whether this is really just about sex. They're way more likely to pick up on the slightest hint of a flirtation than a polite brush-off. Since he's your superior, I'd recommend doubling up with an email so there's proof that you broke it off, in case he harasses you later. In a way, Snapchat is just an exaggerated digital version of the flirting people do every day. Then he's going to be jealous when you're at work and suspicious when you come home late.

When someone can't stop thinking about affairs, it's almost never really about "one hookup." You may be with the wrong guy, since plenty of people who love each other aren't meant to love each other forever. But your immediate problem is that you're bored in bed. You're right to worry about retaliation from your superior. And remind yourself of this: Just because you sexted him in the past doesn't mean he can punish you in the future. (OK, maybe more NSFW.) There's something unreal about it — something virtual and gamelike and silly since it's on your cell phone, right next to Candy Crush. I'm just saying it's easy to understand how this happened. It's going to be an issue that either breaks you apart or takes time to move beyond.

(Your pals are a great barometer for whether or not someone is a tool.) I’m not even sure who they would choose in the divorce, and that’s ok. I wasn’t particularly pessimistic, I was just aware of the shelf life that these things often have.

When we left school after four years together we went to university in our city, moving into a house with friends and the dog that I adopted at 17 (I am clearly very into commitment).

I’m not judging – I can see how easy it is to get into that situation.

Earlier this year, The New York Times published an article called “The End of Courtship?

This brought fresh challenges and fights; suddenly we were essentially children, navigating new realms and bumbling about doing very adult things in young bodies with no experience.


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