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Zach chats with the slimeballs, lures them in and arranges a rendezvous. Maybe I could get a room for an hour or two.'" A meeting is set. "I would never in a hundred million years do something like that," Snoeyink says. Zach brings police the exchange he captured with special glasses embedded with a camera. When I'm confronting people and stuff, it's weird, they don't know I'm filming them. Some of them see it." Snoeyink is just one of seven accused sex predators charged with a felony of accosting a child for immoral purposes. Zach says the 37-year-old thinks he's going to get some action from a young girl in his truck. When confronted, the creep flips his story, giving what appears to be the "standard saintly alibi," saying all he wanted to do was protect the young girl. "And when I asked him 'Where are you going to take me? We can walk in the woods or something," the man says. "I'm only here to offer advice if you need it," the man says. You said you'd be willing to have oral sex here," says Zach.

Here he is reading from a chat where he says he pretended to be a 15-year-old girl flirting with Zachary Snoeyink: "The girl has said 'Hey, I've never tried vaginal sex,' and he says, 'You know you are not legal age right? Snoeyink waits for the teen in a fast-food-chain parking lot. The 29-year-old Snoeyink insists he's innocent and says all he wanted do was counsel the inexperienced teenage girl about sex. "They look like these, of course there is a little processor in there and stuff," said Zach. Zach started doing undercover work because he was curious about how many alleged sex predators lived in the area. Gramps thinks he's about to meet a real-life "Lolita" while waiting in that same parking lot. In another sting, Zach is shaving, doing his best to morph into a seventh-grader. "I've been talking to this guy who thinks he is going to meet a 13-year-old boy for sex. ' He said 'Maybe back to my house or something like that.'" The guy waits in a park. After trudging into the woods, Zach finally reveals his identity, his voice now back to normal. Thanks to Zach's footage the alleged online sex predator is arrested.

On the table before them was a single piece of paper, folded in half to show a bullet-point list of instructions: Remove videos of animal abuse. They talked and made jokes, trying to make sense of the rules. "Otherwise it’s just painful." Videos arrived on their screens in a never-ending queue.

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Of course, this has another, ulterior motive: adding in another revenue stream for the live streamer.

Julie Mora-Blanco remembers the day, in the summer of 2006, when the reality of her new job sunk in.

The message will send, and your Super Chat will be promoted for whatever length of time you purchased, with a timer on it saying how much time remains.

It's similar to Twitch Cheers, which allows a user to purchase 'bits', which are then used to purchase cheers, affording them more exposure in comments.

Texts showed that Weiner, a 52-year-old father of a 4-year-old boy, knew the recipient of his creepy correspondence was no adult.

Anthony Weiner could face charges for teen sex chat The knowledge hardly halted the skin-crawling sexual communiqués that could land the disgraced former congressman in the cross hairs of federal or state prosecutors.

There's only one more real drastic change we'll see in April -- and that's active labor, according to her keepers.

The famous-and-very-pregnant giraffe at Animal Adventure Park showed "distracted behavior" and a "significant bulging of the belly" was noted in Thursday morning's update.

Mora-Blanco was one of 60-odd twenty-somethings who’d come to work at the still-unprofitable website.

Mora-Blanco’s team — 10 people in total — was dubbed The SQUAD (Safety, Quality, and User Advocacy Department).

Mind you, we did expect a calf sooner than this - but that is all part of the journey!


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