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If at any point in your life you dealt with anorexia, bigorexia, bulimia, or any kind of other body image related mental illness, and you still haven’t recovered completely from the demons in your head, you better consider staying away from the strict lifestyle of a bodybuilder. Working out itself is a positive addition to anyone’s life, but we are talking here about the draconian atmosphere of a real gym fanatic that might put the stress on your mental health. The anti Globalization protester in you wouldn’t welcome this ideology and the brainwashed bodybuilder wouldn’t accept your argument on this matter. He is already into that piece of ass he saw on Instagram, you can keep your piece of brain to yourself. They are extremely social as much as you can be, with a slight twist: their social circle only includes people like them AKA gym worshippers. You can join the club, but are you going to understand their language.

Always think about entering the “gym-journey” as a personal choice and never a way to fit in a puzzle you don’t belong to. These people have their own jargon, and you’re not willing to learn a jargon you won’t be using to talk to the cashier in your super markets, the Harvard university professor you have been e-mailing lately, and the security guard you exchange jokes with. You guys are both social on a way too different universes.

What shines through in this video is Ernestine’s spirit.

If there is a “book on aging,” I can guarantee that no-one ever showed it to her.

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Dude must be doing something wrong because if he's competing, there should be women's events there as well.

Would like to know which federation he competes with as well. Its very hard to find athletic women, female bodybuilders ,powerlifters ,etc.

‘The information the nurse has given me is actually dangerous.

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