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This advice is not a license for serial adulterers.

Very little was known about the Gimp until recently, in the episode "Rubber Man" he was revealed to be Tate, who first dawned the costume when he confronted Chad a few years earlier and killed him.

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When Ben and Vivien first moved into the house, they saw the rubber S&M costume in the attic and figured it belonged to the “previous owners.” Tate stole the suit from the garbage can outside, put it on, and had sex with Vivien, with her assuming it was her husband Ben.

Tate had sex with Vivien with the sole intention of impregnating her, and providing a child for Nora Montgomery.

The activist group called for a six-point list of demands to be met, including the suspension without pay of officer Tim Olson, pending results of an independent investigation, and a formal apology from Mayor Hovland and Police Chief Dave Nelson to Thomas.

Hovland's statement stopped short of apologizing, though the mayor observed that the pedestrian citations Thomas faced will be dropped.

Can't Personally Overlook Selfishness I'm with your therapist, CPOS—and, hey, it's nice to see "keep your mouth shut about a one-time infidelity" make the jump from our finer advice columns (Dear Prudence, Dear Sugar, Savage Love) to some of our actual therapists.

While honesty (best policy) and confession (good for the soul) get all the positive press, there are times when unburdening yourself is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

The costume was bought by Chad with the hopes of enticing his gay lover Patrick, who supposedly had an S& M fetish.

Because Chad and Patrick were about to break up, and not adopt a baby, Tate killed them and made it look like a murder/suicide.

That woman, Janet Rowles, who is white, says explicitly she pulled over to film Thomas' interaction with a cop because she worried the 34-year-old Minneapolis man might be mistreated "because of his ethnicity." Rowles says she and other motorists were able to easily drive past Thomas, who had been forced into the roadway due to a sidewalk closure, because he was "literally walking down the white line that marks the shoulder." She tells a different story than the one the officer (and the city) had.

In its statement, Edina said Thomas was walking "in the southbound lane of traffic," and the cop needed to pull over and speak to him due to "the risk to the safety of the public." Thomas was cited with disorderly conduct and failure to obey a traffic signal as a pedestrian, a crime that doesn't seem to be much of an issue for all the white folks jaywalking carefree in Minneapolis and St. On Sunday, Edina Mayor Jim Hovland struck a different tone in a statement addressing Thomas' arrest.

The only races I'm not attracted to are Latin and Asian. I didn't know whether or not I could be attracted to black men (not Africans) until, one day, I was.


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