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Anybody that is this disrespectful is Men can tell when you are experienced so there is no need to lie and pretend at the age of 40 that you are a virgin.

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With graduation approaching, it’s time for students to pack their bags, say farewell to their college towns and dive into the real world.

If you’re choosing to move to a new city, the experience can be a daunting but exhilarating life change.

I’ve never been a numbers person but I fell for it.

Houston is one of the largest cities in the US, there is no income tax, it is now the most diverse city in the US, the economy is great, and the living is cheap.

That’s easy and a great way to begin with what my opinion is of this very expansive city as it sets the foundation. I also do not have enough melanin to carry out my dreams of having brown babies without procreating with someone who is significantly browner than me. I wanted to ride around the 713 with my woes, the land that birthed King Beyoncé and the Queen of No F*cks Given, Solange.

Austin has an ever shrinking Black population, steadily declining from 8%. Also, “go read a book, you illiterate son of bish, step up your vocab”…I mean I had dreams of running into Bun B at HEB. The bit of rational I did put into moving to Houston instead of Dallas, was that statistically speaking Houston is an awesome city and the reports keep pouring in as to why Houston is a great city for young professionals.

I lived in NYC for eight years and then Washington DC, the idea that I could live cheaply was very appealing.

Most significant was that as I expand #Smart Brown Girl I did not want to feed into the narrative that in order to be successful, cool, entrepreneur, creative that I had to live in Los Angeles or New York City.

Is it hard to meet level headed attractive women who are attracted to Black men?


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