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of guitars per year, however in late 70's, at most 2200 pcs. So, this 5 digit is not available over the 1000, the year digit went faster than real age. Moved from Bernardo's Guitar Shop on Brooklyn Avenue to Valley Blvd and became B. It utterly is beyond me when the Fender, Gibson, and Martin reissues are better and far cheaper.

Without a doubt we have been carrying and selling BC Rich guitars longer than any other dealer in the world.

We started in 1977 buying 2 or 3 hand made high end guitars a week and the rest is history.

So it is pretty unlikely we will re manufacture too many of these again !!!

We have almost 50 great new designs on the drawing board at this time.

OK..heres how a flea market WORKS..i made $1.50 cents today, cost me 12 to do it.. I will be cleaning on this guitar all week.more pix then. Was going to the bathroom, Brenda did not go with me today, so i had no chance to look... Once again, the guitar will indicate that it was made in the USA by the "Made In The USA" stamp on the headstock.

A few of my guitar-dealer-buddies were there, but i found it FIRST this time...have money on them at ALL times for gear, i dont, so they win me out lots.... makes me wonder what i might have NOT look around today.. The Bolt On guitars serial numbers started with "BC" followed by five digits (BCXXXXX). Class Axe did make some USA instruments of very good quality.

I picked it up new in London for just under £700 in early 2000.

If anyone sees any MINT late 70's/early 80's BC Rich Bich's or Mockingbirds (preferably Koa) at a guitar show or store, please let me know. The neck was factory ordered ultra-thin and I couldn't get it to hold a setup here in New England, so I traded it away.

Regards, Jonathan You mean six string guitars, not basses, right? It was a custom job (but not for me) in quilted maple with the cloud inlays on the fretboard and maxed out electronics.


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