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Dating is like picking fruit: I look, I smell and sometimes even touch and taste.

Not only that, but we feel as if the act of blatantly asking out a man will cause us to appear desperate and send the wrong message.

However, there are ways to take action without foregoing your feminine energy.

The soccer-playing pair were joined by family, friends and -- of course -- lots and LOTS of soccer players.

women's soccer star Allie Long married longtime love Jose Batista over the weekend in Miami.

According to a recent Elite Singles survey, just 6% of women would suggest a first date and just 2% would call back to arrange a second.

While this may seem normal, some surprising responses from men in our poll may hint at a problem with this dating routine.Throughout dating literature and countless conversations amongst single women, it seems to be the general rule of thumb that men should be the initiators of every step of the dating process - from the first conversation, to the first date, to the first kiss and so on.While it’s true that the dynamics between each coupling are different and should be treated as such, I fear that many eligible women are missing out by going radio silent.Of course, that role included getting the party started with Long and Kelley O'Hara in the photo booth. �� It was such an honor having this incredible group of women at Villa Woodbine!Dating coach, Marni Battista, is the queen of making her clients irresistible to men and not just any men, high quality men.Along my dating education trajectory, I’ve come across some types of men who I highly recommend you avoid.

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