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However, she wants a better seat so orders him to put his head back on the sofa and straddles him and sits down on his face.

She swaps from forwards to reverse position to test this out.

First of all he gets an OTK hand spanking from both of them and then he is told to bend over the chair where they get a pair of rubber soled plimsolls to spank his bottom, alternatively and together for extra pain!

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Will Robinson was a 20 something teacher with close cropped brown hair, round wire rimmed glasses, and a hard athletic body which he kept fit through daily cardio and some light weight lifting. The little blond girl nodded, and sly smile played across her lips. "Oh yes, I know how to make it sound as if you've been doing naughty things to me. You'll be using them every day to make your nuts hang lower. I'll see you tomorrow."The next day, after school was over Lacy made her way to the history classroom. This time he locked the door behind Lacy's entrance. She was rough with his balls and caused him much pain in the process.

Touching me in places you shouldn't, and they'll believe me because my dad will back me up."Very slowly, but never taking his eyes off Lacy, the history teacher sank to his knees and did as he was instructed. Lacy looked deeply into his eyes with her own cold, cruel, shrewd stare, and when she was ready she aimed her foot and kicked the fat package with all her might. Order them tonight and bring them to class when they arrive. When she had fitted at least three of the circular weights to his scrotum she stopped."Three should do it for now," she said as she locked them into position.

The class was filing out of the room and Lacy waited until everyone but Mr. Then she went and locked the door the classroom from the inside. He lets me tell him what to do and if he isn't obedient I kick him between the legs. "Grab your ankles," she said, "and don't move."Lacy began to punch and slap her teacher's crotch with wild abandon hitting his nuts and cock from behind. Slowly he fell to his knees, breathing hard from all the pain, and so Lacy switched to swift kicks to the nuts from behind. Soon he was curled up in the fetal position, just lying there like a dead thing. Slowly he unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped his fly. Lacy had him kick off his shoes and step out of his cloths so that he was now naked from the waist down except for his white athletic socks.

No one would be able to get in while she had her way with her teacher. After locking the door the little blond doll went up to Mr. She stood next to his chair and cleared her throat. Before she died mom taught me that men were born to submit to women, and that the best way to control them was through pain to their balls." Lacy caught the look of surprise in Mr. "Oh yes, I know about the eggs that men have between their legs, and how easy it is to cause them pain." Lacy reached down between Will's legs and grabbed his package."I've decided that from now on you'll do as I say and that I will daily torture your big nuts plus give you homework, and if you don't do what I want I will tell the principle that you've been touching me in naughty ways." Again a look of surprise came over Will's face. This procedure continued for several days until by Friday the weights he had ordered had arrived. He refused and so Lacy slapped him in the face, hard. Then he jeans came down revealing black boxer briefs and a growing bulge."Oh, don't worry about that, Mr. He handed her the ball-weights which she expertly examined than then clamped around his scrotum.

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