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A former school resource officer claims he’s the victim of discrimination and suing the Clayton County School District.Micah Brown – who is white – says he overlooked the discrimination from a supervisor because he loved his work. I have been out of work for 3.5 months and I have yet to receive anything from HR regarding FMLA. I've also requested the date that my FMLA will end. If you are eligible for FMLA leave, the ER must notify you, and provide the forms.

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This is a question from elsewhere I thought members here would be particularly experienced with. It is an odd but true fact that an employer is not legally obligated to tell you when your employment has been terminated; therefore telling you several weeks after the fact does not violate any laws.

My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Florida I was terminated from my job yesterday, 10/09/2013. Upon expiration of FMLA, my employer kept me on unpaid medical leave. My concern here is the date regarding future employment purposes. There might have been an issue with COBRA had you not received notification within the specified time, but since you indicated that you have been on COBRA since September 1, clearly you received the proper notice within the allowable time frame.

Yes, it is legal to backdate the termination as of the date the FMLA expired. An employee who is unable to return to work at the conclusion of FMLA has no legal expectation that his job will be held any longer.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) has received much attention lately.

While he was on FMLA leave, the company hired several replacement employees to cover his responsibilities.

These employees discovered several problems: the terminal was disorganized, employees were not following procedures, freight remained too long on the dock, damaged freight was hidden, safety concerns existed, customers were complaining, and overtime was being mishandled.The Seventh Circuit focused on employee conduct – in one case job performance deficiencies, and in another alteration of FMLA documentation, to find no violations of the employees’ FMLA rights.Cracco was the service center manager for one of Vitran’s trucking terminals.But then, he says he had no choice but to file a lawsuit.“I was injured in the line of duty,” Brown said.Brown said he was chasing a high school student on foot.“We were executing a search warrant, and trying to get him ready for transport,” Brown said.“They refused to give any light duty, and they gave 30 days of leave after they backdated his federal entitlement so that he would be just two weeks shy of the school year and then they fired him.”Brown’s lawsuit claims he was the only white resources officer in Clayton Schools and race played a role in his termination.“So you felt like this particular supervisor had something against you and him?


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