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John made an offer, Jane accepted the offer, and both sides agreed to give up something of value.Each state has its own specific laws about contracts, and the rules applicable to your situation may vary based on where you are entering into an agreement.

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In most cases, there are only three things required to form a legally binding contract: one party makes an offer, the other party accepts the offer, and there is mutual "consideration," meaning that both parties agree to exchange something of value.

These three things don't have to be written down for a contract to be formed.

For example, written contracts are necessary for property purchase or tenancy agreements, consumer credit contracts, and the transfer or licensing of intellectual property rights.

Any contracts including a guarantee must also be prepared in writing in order to be valid and legally binding.

Arbitration commenced in London, whereby the shipbuilder disputed the buyer’s right to cancel the shipbuilding contract, did not repay the instalments and, instead, claimed that it was entitled to damages.

The buyer claimed under the refund guarantees, but these claims were declined by the bank pending the outcome of the dispute between the builder and the buyer.

(Civil Code § 2983) The second major concern with this ruling is that the court also concluded that the practice of backdating a second contract taken in conjunction with use of a standard Acknowledgement of Rewritten Contract resulted in a single document rule violation.

The court held “the second contract violated the single document rule because it did not contain ‘all of the agreements of the buyer and seller with respect to the total cost of and the terms of payment for the motor vehicle….’” (Civil Code § 2981.9) The single document rule is another code section, the violation of which may render the sale contract unenforceable. The only thing that appears to be positive about this ruling is that the court agreed to allow for an “offset” for use of the vehicles.

As with written agreements, a verbal contract requires an offer, an acceptance of that offer, and consideration (i.e., a bargained-for exchange).

Once a complete verbal agreement has been made between two “competent” parties, the contract is just as legally binding as a written contract and claims can be made against a breaching party.

It also highlights the risks of backdating shipbuilding contracts.


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