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• The fund is subject to the risk that unanticipated early closings of securities exchanges and other financial markets may result in the Fund’s inability to buy or sell securities or other financial instruments on that day.

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Returns for performance under one year are cumulative, not annualized.

With Load performance reflects maximum sales charges or contingent deferred sales charges (CDSC) as applicable.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Fund may not be suitable for all investors.

• The fund is subject to the risk that large-capitalization stocks may underperform other segments of the equity market or the equity market as a whole.

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This is somewhat unattractively high compared to the historical average of about 16.

Therefore the quick indication is that the DJIA index was somewhat over-valued as at April 16, 2017 at 20,453.

This article provides a range of values depending on the scenario chosen. However, the calculated fair value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is not affected by the precise date of the analysis and our fair value estimates will not change before the next set of quarterly earnings numbers becomes available for the DJIA.


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