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For Date Stamp only applications choose the Widmer D3 Date Stamp.

Our versatile products can be used as clocks or stamps, with customizable comment fields, master clock interface and other features that make them ideal for time/date printing on documents, employee time recording, dispatching and more.

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Dual Printing Heads enable numerous combinations of Time Dating and 6-Digit Numbering.

(optional 11-Digits Numbers or Alpha Wheels for special coding) For Number only applications choose the Widmer N3 Number Stamp.

Commonly used by NASDAQ Traders, this stamp machine prints Year, Month, Date, Time and Seconds as well as providing Transaction Report Logs and EMail Alerts making it OATS Compliant and an affordable choice for small trading operations.

Whether you’re date-stamping documents like bank deposit slips or medical records, or keeping a log of receipts and reservations at a hotel, time/date stamps simplify organization and provide proof of when documents were received and processed.

The offset is a function of the orientation of the parison relative to the two molds (parison and blow molds) used on the particular machine, or occasionally, to the hot parison "sticking" to the neck ring of the parison/blank mold when transferring to the blow mold (Ceramic Industry 19-15).

There are also no horizontal tooling marks present on the finish and/or upper neck as would be observable on the finish of mouth-blown bottles.2.

Time and Date stamps are an inexpensive and worthwhile tool to have around the office.

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