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It would go in the subject line so the person reading the message either knows what it is about or can pass it along to the right person.

However, it might be even more helpful to have a general statement following it (such as "Attention: John Smith - Question about...;" that way, the recipient knows what the email will contain, in general).

Yet for men the word 'ambitious' has become less popular'Thoughtful' dropped out of women's top 10 wants, while for men 'good listeners' was found to decrease the number of messages received by 29 per cent, with 'caring' (down 24 per cent) and 'respectful' (down 31 per cent) also seen as a turn off.

Using the right language is important, with figures showing men using the phrase 'physically fit' in their profile receive almost double the number of messages compared to an average profile - an average increase of 96 per cent.

Zoosk is an extremely social site so there are Twitter and Facebook pages available as well.

Other social sites operated by the Zoosk company include Google Plus and several photo sites like Flickr and Pinterest.

Started a few months back, and with every single messaged exchanged the chemistry was explosive. We are engaged now and talking about wonderful prospects of life on the horizon.

The first time we met we were both instantly in love, and very right for one another!

We found it in the Terms and Conditions of the website, so Zoosk clearly does not want customers to use this information unless they are looking hard for it. We called customer service and asked the hours of operation to find out the information. San Francisco, CA 94103 The main page for the Zoosk social network is available at https://


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