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The women's field is so studded with all-stars, it's eclipsed even the dramatic return of Scott Jurek, who's returning after a four-year hiatus.

Leading the women's pack is Nikki Kimball, a three-time Western States winner who, until she got injured in 2007, was undefeated in every trail race of any distance for seven years. "None of us has more potential to pop off a really amazing race than Jenn," says the 39-year-old runner.

And now, tomorrow, the City Council is voting on banning nudity across the board. I interviewed Navickas via email: GB: Are you naked right now? Aside from Ashland Creek and in front of their computers, where else have citizens of Ashland been getting naked that hasn’t caused a public outcry?

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The town’s folk were a little annoyed by the 66-year-old guy walking their streets in the nude, but then attitudes changed substantially when he unknowingly entered a school zone. In response to Cooper’s school-side jaunts, Ashland thought it was time to legally ban nudity within 1,000 feet of a school, but the mayor sided with three of the six members of the City Council, asking that the people vote on the initiative themselves in the future. Two years ago, if you remember, the small town of Brattleboro, Vermont, faced an eerily similar situation. Some cite a case in which a senior citizen from Arizona strolled through the center of town wearing only a waist pack and sandals.“ A fanny-pack wearing old man was fucking it up for everyone. Brattleboro went on to ban public nudity altogether for 30 days, but the national attention of being called an intolerant town seemed to sway them into letting the ban lapse and letting the free-wheelin’ to continue on.

You know what they say: “It’s one thing if I catch a glimpse of your bobbing bird, but it’s another thing if my grade-school daughter sees it, comes home and draws its likeness all over her bedroom wallpaper, and then goes on to draw a big old penis on our favorite photograph of Grandma.” They do say that. See, this was just one instance of a nude dude around a school in however-long, and this nude dude has since gone on record apologizing for being near a school and promised the next time he visited he’d only go outside au naturale after 10 pm. They were lax on their views of public nudity until, according to a Reuters story: “The weather grew hot and a couple of dozen teens took to holding hula hoop contests, riding bikes and parading past stores wearing only their birthday suits. Ashland’s story continues up in the Pacific Northwest. Because the town did not go on to ban public nudity in school areas, a man from Minnesota went to Ashland to be purposefully be naked in front of their schools. According to the Ashland Police Chief, the man intentionally walked around the high school naked, save for his fanny pack, while students were present, and then was later hanging around the school’s parking lot wearing clothes. No more carefree walks from the shower to the bedroom, because if the ban passes, Eric Navickas, City Council member, says that you could be arrested for indecent exposure in your own home. Glad to know you’re taking advantage of the opportunity while it’s still legal in Ashland.

"No one has her raw leg speed." Problem is, you can never tell which Jenn Shelton will show up.

With her dark braids and elfin build, she looks like pure innocence notwithstanding the Bacardi 101 vampire bat she accidentally had tattooed on her right forearm.

"I thought if you could run 100 miles you'd be in this Zen state.

You'd be the Buddha, bringing peace and a smile to the world. I'm the same old punk-ass as before, but there's always hope." Those two extremes make the 25-year-old ex surf bum from Virginia Beach the one to watch in what could be the ultra showdown of a lifetime: the Western States 100, taking place near Lake Tahoe this June 27 28.

1 nuisance: "aggressive deer and what can be done about them." Conflicts between wildlife and urbanites are nothing new.

A black bear holed up next to a Tualatin elementary school several years ago.

I paint and teach painting and drawing full time in Southern Oregon.


  1. Yet it rarely happens, and it often has more to do with your vertical leap than your ability to execute a pick-and-roll.

  2. Mark Antonacci, a leading expert on the Shroud and president of the Resurrection of the Shroud Foundation, is currently petitioning Pope Francis to allow molecular analysis of the cloth using the latest technology.

  3. Russell Peters was born in Toronto, Ontario to Eric and Maureen Peters, and raised in Brampton. His father was born in Bombay, India and worked as a federal meat Inspector and his mother was born in Calcutta, India.

  4. I recently saw the casting notice for Bursting With Love.

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  6. There, he met purple-haired Jason Michael Robison, 32, who just a week before Christmas had posted on Facebook, "F- THE POLICE!!! Friday, gunfire from within the house ripped the cold night air.

  7. In the end, it is the universe that will show you exactly what you are ready for.

  8. Couples in the South East (22 per cent) and East of England (20 per cent) are the most likely to have met one another online, while the fastest expected growth in online dating by 2030 will be in London.

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