Army regulation dating in germany

It is true that the Army does not officially recognize the girlfriends of Army soldiers.

However, you only have to be “just” a girlfriend if you want to be.

On my Army message board, as well as many others, there are girlfriends of soldiers.

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Specialist 4 Reginald Baker stops reading the comic book in his lap. Baker and Turner and the other eleven defendants, all young, all black and all enlisted men, are the "Vilseck 13," some of the latest casualties of the accelerating series of violent clashes between enlisted men, a growing proportion of them black, and the US Army in West Germany.

Wherever the Army's 300,000 troops, some 15 to 20 percent of them black, are posted in Germany, similar explosions—many of them worse—are being seen on an almost daily basis. Even Ed Bellen, their American civilian lawyer and about the hottest GI defender in Europe, found it hard to dispute that all along.

"Look very carefully again at the offenses," Jeglikowski, a cool, blond, upwardly mobile New Jersey boy who looks more like West Point than Seton Hall school of law, tells the five-officer jury. Your sentence must act as a deterrent, and the government insists that your sentence must punish as well.

victims of grievous bodily harm." The black-robed military judge, Col. Zeigler, a tough nut called by some "the hanging judge of West Germany," has heard all of this before.

Definitely an attempted self-cut, probably by a jumpy private.

It's the perfect example of what happens when you combine young troops with somewhat arbitrary, totally inflexible rules and regulations.

Must punish as well," he repeats, enjoying the phrase. think of the acts the defendants have been convicted of," Jeglikowski urges the jury once more.

Then he goes for the crusher: "The government demands for each of these defendants nothing less than a Dishonorable Discharge and a long term of confinement—years at hard labor." At this, the eyes of the 13 black defendants lose that courtroom glaze. Turner, 20, glances up at the prosecutor with an eye-rolling cynical look that says: "Oh wow, man, that's really heavy." And it is heavy.

The law does not list a specific punishment for the crime, but only states "as the Court-Martial may direct." This probably means for consensual sex that any punishment short of death can be imposed, including dishonorable discharge and prison time.

Unlike many state laws, the UCMJ does not have any provision making exceptions for parties who are close to the same age.

The age of consent for members of the military is 16 years of age.

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