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A testator may specify what shares individual successors will receive of the estate, or indicate which property will be given to particular successors.

The International Olympic Committee now says it is "fully satisfied" Russia's new anti-gay legislation does not violate the Olympic Charter's anti-discrimination clause.

The laws threaten prosecution of anyone who promotes gay rights around minors or in public displays such as parades.

In states like California and Maine, which have focused on getting their poor citizens into jobs programs, about two-thirds of those eligible still receive welfare.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Georgia, which over the past decade has set itself up as the poster child for the ongoing war on welfare.

When the economy crashed in 2008, millions of Americans lost their jobs. So did attendance at emergency food providers—soup kitchens and food pantries—that help the estimated 50 million people, working and non-working, who can't afford enough groceries to get through the month.

Unlike in past economic downturns, though, the welfare rolls barely budged. The main law dealing with inheritance issues is the Civil Code of Georgia, Book 6: Succession Law.The Civil Chamber of City and District court is competent for inheritance issues.The children, parents and the spouse of the testator are eligible to a reserved portion an estate, notwithstanding the content of a will, which amounts to one half of the entire estate.After the allocation of the reserved portion, a testator may dispose of the remainder of his estate at his/her own discretion, through a will.In Monday's column, George Skelton wonders if that would have prevented ex-Los Angeles cop Christopher Dorner from getting the weapons he allegedly used in last week's shooting rampage.

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