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Shiki gave Rima another nuzzle to which Rima rewarded him with a small laugh. ""You're so spoiled Shiki," Rima teased."It's only when I'm with you."Xkurochan XAfter class every day, Senri Shiki and Takuma Ichijou can always be found in their room reading something. Then, he was lying awake at night regretting how he had acted his entire life and now he had his best friend reciprocating the feelings he had denied for so long."Oh, sorry." Pause. ""I don't know…we'll wake up the others." She blushed as she said it, which made Shiki love her all the better."Pretty please?

When Irene found out her two friends were leaving her to go to Japan for a scholarship as Foreign Exchange Students, she was devastated.

Not long after, however, she found out that she was being given one of the same kind for the most ridiculous of reasons.

That evening, Yuki discovers a pair of male Night Class students, Hanabusa Aido and Akatsuki Kain, threatening to feed on a pair of female Day Class students.

Yuki attempts to stop them, only for Hanabusa to drink some of her blood from a wound she got from climbing down a tree.

Unsure as to what the Chairman was thinking when he gave her that, or if he ever thought at all, she found herself being dragged along as the loyal friend she was.

However, when she and Skylar get separated from Eliza due to her being a Night Class student, things start to get a bit hectic.

Shiki & Rima had to collaborate with a top model from another agency.

The thing was, this guy seemed to monopoly Rima's attention and Shiki felt very uneasy about it.

It gets even worse when they actually start interacting with the mysterious students, a simple mishap caused by a gust of wind knocking all the papers out of her hands.

Accidents always happen, some good some bad, and as her friend constantly argues with the silver-haired prefect Irene is still trying to figure out if coming to Cross Academy was a mistake or not.

The episodes were aired at later dates on TV Aichi, TV Hokkaido, TV Osaka, TV Setōchi, and TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co.


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