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I would have thought you would prefer the details on fucking. He had a queen sized bed with a pillow top and down pillows. That guy has been linked and attached to so many different guys it's ridiculous.He fell asleep with his head on my chest and I gently moved him over. I double fluffed that beautiful down and slept on my back. Andy has stated many times that's what he's really looking for - at least, that's his 'type'. I like guys with a little silver on top and he seems to have a nice hairy chest, but I just can't imagine having to have to listen to him talk about housewives and Nene and whatever else he considers interesting. I know people joke about celebrities posting about themselves on here and I get a really good feeling that Andy probably does. I posted a story a month or so ago about some friends sitting around a pool in the Hamptons- a few of them were in the PR business in NYC- completely trashed him as a star fucker and other choice words to indicate they did not like him even a little. It seems as if every show with a gay person has either dated or hooked up with Lance Bass.Cohen also briefly opened up about his relationship during an interview with Matt Lauer on Today earlier this month, though again did not mention Dassuncao by name or share any personal details about his Ivy League-educated man.

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Are anderson cooper and andy cohen dating eco dating london

I slightly woke up when he got up to pee, but went right back to sleep. Andy tweet me @ #Nice Guyin New Jersey - I'll take you out for dinner and drinks. But he's also admitted to dating actor John Benjamin Hickey, who's been a frequent guest on his show several times. They are trolls, living in mommie's basement, ugly, and unemployed. He's everything you guy's want to be - cute, funny, successful, rich, and hanging out with famous people. I had no idea who this was until recently since I don't watch the Real Housewives of Anywhere. I thought he was attractive but he has really creepy eyes. It wasn't that long ago before he had his own show and he himself admitted to being a huge blogger. Considering the fact that barely anyone has a story about him makes me think maybe he is a decent guy and didn't really get around like people assume? He owns a house in Sag Harbor and an apartment in Chelsea - he makes a good living. He strikes me as off center- I kind of see it in his eyes. Loosey Goosey.[quote]As for Lance Bass, his hole is so stretched out.

I have never met him, but he definitely sounds like he is looking for love, as am I!! And believe me, he looks nothing like JFK Jr., but allegedly has a big one. I watch his show and he always makes comments as if he's been around with a lot of guys. If you follow his tweets, you know he's very close to his staff - he mentions them frequently by name and tweets photos of them. I don't think he's all that rich either after seeing the video People did of his apartment. I really don't know who he is -- I don't have a tv and, other than this, don't read gossip -- but he melted me. But then there are all kind of nuts on network TV "news" and entertainment shows. That guy has been linked and attached to so many different guys it's ridiculous. Poor thing can't keep a man for anything, and they all just want his money.

I met him with Anderson Cooper on the opening night of my tour with Anderson.

And Anderson has loved this guy from the moment that I met him.

“He is not engaged.” PHOTOS: Couples We’d Like To See!

Louis and his wife Evelyn, Andy’s mom, just returned to their Missouri home on Tuesday from a trip to New York City to visit Andy and Louis says his son addressed the gossip during their stay.

He is nice, handsome, excited about life and enjoys what he does for a living! I don't have a tv set, so haven't seen him "in action." but he looks adorable in the photos. He's good looking, successful, out, living an honest life, and I don't believe he is critical of others. Usually guys that make comments like that are fabricating things. As for his dating history, he's blogged about it - not seeing anyone in particular in a while, has made use of rentboys on occasion. It looked very small and simple (and decorated hideiously).[quote]As for his dating history, he's blogged about it - not seeing anyone in particular in a while, has made use of rentboys on occasion. Wow, if you have to use rentboys, you must be anyone listen to Andy Cohen on Elvis Duran this am? It seems as if every show with a gay person has either dated or hooked up with Lance Bass. Ummm for everyone that assumes a guy is a top or not realize that maybe some guys are versatile?

Either that or it's true that he only sleeps with celebrities.[quote]Yes, Cohen is successful and rich. Until you see his bank statement don't assume anything. No doubt this will all be made clearer when his memoirs are published later this month (HIDEOUS cover, BTW, Andy...)[quote]How do you know he's rich? Played plead the 5th and they all had to guess if he was a bottom or a but one said he was a said he's a .. As far as Lance Bass, yes maybe he has topped before, but he definitely is a bottom.

He appears to be incredibly short, but that matters little on TV. Standing next to that Hale guy, Andy was a good foot shorter, so he must be about 5'6". I fell in love with him when, in the interview, he tells people he grew up in St. He can be silly when hes out with friends, for sure when hes drinking, but you dont see the WWHL persona all that often. He is very good looking but you totally notice his lazy eye up close.

Louis, people always say so sorry to hear of your misfortune. Take that, urban sophisticates (even tho y'all are probably from flyover land as well)."gay men that are successful and live their lives openly."Successful at foisting his no-talent-worship of bitchy cunty housewives? Perez was on his show and said the gays give good stories about him in bed but everytime a post is made here no one knows at least one story of him hooking up with someone.

Cooper and his partner, Benjamin Maisani, relax with a neighbor’s dogs, Caia (left) and Tim, on the pool terrace, which Wilbert Das lined in tatajuba planks and equipped with an Uxua Casa pierced-metal sconce.


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