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At the end you'll get to mingle and bring out the excellent conversational skills you've been bottling up all evening.Playdate London Your tickets for this arts and crafts social include drinks, retro sweets and a goodie bag on arrival, plus a wristband for cheap drinks at the after-party.

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Want to find a cuddle buddy for the cold winter months coming up?! And lastly, there are limited spaces so get in quick!

❤️Our last speed dating went so smoothly, we even had a couple come back for their first proper date! So, since we loved playing match maker last time, we're doing it again! -make sure you show up before 7pm to get your name tag and drink so we can start on time!

Hosted by the premier speed dating company; 25(as featured on CNN Headline News).

This event is for Men ages 35-45 and Women ages 30-40.

Angels Den is the only investment network to offer free, informative and interactive masterclasses to improve your knowledge in all areas of investing.

The London Angel Club is made up of a group of investors who are looking to share due diligence and co-invest in established companies with a proven model.

The format of each event is 10 minute pitches, followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers and 10 minutes of discussion amongst the investors.

The London Angel Club focuses on established businesses that are generating revenue and are scalable with a focus on the B2B (business to business) market.

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