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On the assault allegations brought by his wife, the station commander said Maponyane admitted to moering his wife but said he did so because she was nagging him and was also blocking him from leaving the house to go to work in Durban.The police said Maponyane claimed that he only pushed her and she fell to the floor after an argument.The interview with Ellmers, which took place on MSNBC, is a fantastic demonstration of how indefensible Trump’s behavior has been in this instance and how impossible it is for surrogates to even attempt to mount such a defense.

Midrand police station commander Leshoka Mahloromela confirmed receiving a report from one of his officers who arrested Maponyane.

The officer alleged that Maponyane accused them of sleeping with his wife.

She also lost her Republican primary in June by 30 points.

On Friday, the North Carolina congresswoman took her Trump support to a new level, attempting to defend his bizarre, unhinged, and despicable early morning rant about former Miss Universe contestant Alicia Machado’s purported sex tape.

I am SEX MOTIVE is the experimental underground music project founded in 2012 by two great friends who know each other since childhood despite the fact that they living in different cities.

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She basically blamed There’s more, but first a quick recap of how this episode has played out: On Monday at the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton brought up that Trump had insulted Machado for her weight and allegedly mocked her Hispanic heritage.

On Tuesday, Trump stood by his criticisms of Machado’s weight and reiterated them.

The origins of sex can now be traced back to our earliest vertebrate ancestors.


  1. An official Census 2011 detail of Uttara Kannada (North Canara), a district of Karnataka has been released by Directorate of Census Operations in Karnataka.

  2. This was because dogs and other animals were often involved in car accidents, and the pistols were provided to allow the wardens to euthanise the animal as a last resort in the worst cases.

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