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Music varies from deep house to disco to dancehall, and by everybody is getting their groove on. I hate the music, the volume of the music, the quality of the speakers, the toilets (disgusting), the cloakroom, the drinks, the people (some drunk and on drugs) ... Besides that, the drink prices are relatively fair and the movie nights provide free popcorn. Different nationality people visiting here is also a reason to visit.! Beyond that they put weird animation on the TVs and projector which is actually so much better than overly complicated VJ sets.The crowd is a mix of "hipster," expats and local chinese. Drinks are 30-50RMB, so if you're living on the cheap, its' best you pregame hard. Great place for hanging out and chilling with friends. The one thing I disliked about it is that the nearby vicinity is like a slum. Went here for NYE and it was a hot sweaty mess, and it was great! I thought it would be super hipster, but when I went it was some kind of hip-hop night, and the crowd was a decent mix of nationalities and styles. Although it got crowded while I was there, it was easy to get a drink. Dada has a great vibe to go with its good bar selection. Dada recently joined the circuit as part of the Drunken Dragon Pub Crawl, proving it can handle a rowdy crowd of drunks with quality tunes and stiff drinks along side its staple crew of chilled out hipsters . Can't believe no one has reviewed this place in 7 months! Logo is grotty and Anar totally inconsistent and Shelter too smoky.

But at least the decision to learn the dance is still voluntary – unlike in the days of the Cultural Revolution when doing a “loyalty dance” to chairman Mao Zedong was sometimes mandatory.

Since Xi took power more than three years ago, praise of the leader has reached a level that would have been hard to imagine in the days of his predecessors Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin .

If they were to marry with the notion that boys are imbeciles, they will also see their husbands as such, and will always have problems in their marriage.

This whole world is evolving towards liberation, but it is the clashes and conflicts amongst people that create obstacles along the way.

) is the most famous among the epic stories of the Oghuz Turks.

The stories carry morals and values significant to the social lifestyle of the nomadic Turkic peoples and their pre-Islamic beliefs.The book's mythic narrative is part of the cultural heritage of Turkic countries, including Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and to a lesser degree Kyrgyzstan.For the Turkic peoples, especially people who identify themselves as Oghuz, it is the principal repository of ethnic identity, history, customs and the value systems of the Turkic peoples throughout history.There are other signs that Xi is putting his stamp on his time at the top.State media announced on Sunday that party members would study Xi’s “important thoughts” on a wide range of issues ranging from reform, stability and domestic politics, to diplomacy and defence."In the dastans, Dede Korkut appears as the aksakal [literally 'white-beard,' the respected elder], the advisor or sage, solving the difficulties faced by tribal members. Among the population, respected aksakals are wise and know how to solve problems; among ashiks [reciters of dastans] they are generally called dede [grandfather].

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