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Our features include private email, instant messaging, private party invites, texting, forums, blogs, personality compatibility, video face chat, facial matches and a unique astrological comparison tool.Join Drinker Society today totally free and fully privileged to utilize all its features.

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Meet others who are commited to an alcohol free lifestyle.

Gather to participate in social activities such as dining out, beach walks, day trips, golf, card game and boardgame parties, and more!

He went to get his CD's out of his glove compartment, and when the light turned green and he stepped on the gas, an Alcoholics Anonymous book came sliding out. I had a couple hints before, but he hasn't actually said anything about it to me. I have never dealt with this type of situation before. Hey I think that if he is doing it for himself that is awsome! These tournaments are usually held at clubs or pool halls where drinking takes place. Many people think that once you no longer have the desire to drink than you should/can stop going to AA meetings.

I figure, if he is getting help, and not drinking at all anymore, that's great! I dated a guy who went to AA because he got numerous DUI's He went back to the boo's I think if he wanted to do this and no body put him up to it. I am going to Las Vegas in june for a big tournament. He's been sober for 5 years and chair's many meetings to help others! I am a light drinker, he knew that when he met and does not have a problem with it! I hardly ever drink, I've decided to slow it down as well, so, I don't need a drinking buddy. Being an alcoholic does not mean you can not attend pool tournaments, be around drinking, go to clubs or bars, etc........ and if you really want to do it for yourself to make that better life for yourself... This is HIGHLY not a suggested way of doing things.

I admire anyone who has the will power to beat an addiction! I was on my way there as well, and just decided myself that I should cut back. I myself, walked into the rooms of AA after a DUI 3 yrs ago, and I have not found a need to take a drink ever since. and another time catching up with old mates when he was down for his sisters wedding.... I was in shock when he did tell me all the things he did do in those 2 years... But, for right now, by the sounds of it, he needs to do this, and just concentrate on not drinking. all you can do is let him know you are supportive of him... and all i can do is keep supporting him in what he wants for himself.... and that is what he is working his a rse off for... and will make you want to support him more for doing it.... It does not mean you have to: drink by yourself, get drunk each time you drink, get DUI's, loose jobs, loose family, etc..................

Join THOUSANDS of our Sober Singles and find Sober Dates at the ORIGINAL Online 12 Step Dating Site for Alcoholics Anonymous Singles, Narcotics Anonymous Singles and ALL Single Sober Adults in every 12 Step Program of Recovery. Meet Single Sober Men and Women locally or around the Globe for Sober Dates, Love or Friends.

We cater solely to that constantly growing niche group of singles who would like to look for a sober companion!

Drinker Society helps people that socially drink meet others that also consume alcoholic beverages.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... There are underlying issues (character defects and such) that an alcoholic has to deal with in order to be serenely sober and live life.


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