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Typically, these feelings disappear after a day or two, particularly if circumstances change for the better.

People experiencing the temporary "blues" don't feel a sense of crushing hopelessness or helplessness, and are able, for the most part, to continue to engage in regular activities.

In fact all of them say I can do things that I can't and it feels like they've not even looked at the medical or questionair that I have done. I've got no money coming in now :( Certainly take it up with them.

They've stopped my money now and I've got no idea what to do. I was told I am not eligible for it as my fiance is getting a student loan, however after they came here and did a medical - I appealed and they reassessed and allocated me some money.

I live with several psychological disorders, including Agoraphobia. I think I can actually see it kicking against my chest!

This debilitating affliction makes my life unbearable at times, and one of the most challenging aspects is the lack of understanding I deal with. Paralyzed, I want to run, but I can’t.”—Excerpt from Surviving the Fourth Cycle There is evidence suggesting many possible causes, including genetic inheritance, though some research suggests it’s more likely a predisposition to general anxiety people are born with, which may increase their chances of developing Panic Disorders or Agoraphobia later in life.

Hi Emz, I have experience here, and also a little bit of inside information.

The first is from a friend who works at the CAB and for a long time now they've been giving A LOT of people who're perfectly entitled to the benefit (you need over 15 points to qualify) ZERO on assessment, so you are most definitely not alone The first thing I'm puzzled about is that they've stopped your money.

The band played at the 2003 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.

As the band's appearance was unscheduled, Pig Destroyer cut its set short so Agoraphobic Nosebleed could play two songs and an intro.

Prolonged anhedonia (the inability to experience pleasure), hopelessness, and failure to experience an increase in mood in response positive events rarely accompany "normal" sadness.

The same may be said for other, more intense sorts of symptoms such as suicidal thoughts and hallucinations (e.g., hearing voices).

Its line-up has changed often over the years, with guitarist and drum programmer Scott Hull being the only continuous member.

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