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Based out of California, we’re known for the most affordable solutions.The past decade has seen us expand from a handful of individuals raring to go, to an established team of professionals.

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We have earned this reputation by offering you custom solutions that suits your needs and budgets alike, having many outstanding features.

Earlier on itself in our journey, we started providing integration with a variety of CMSes and Ecommerce applications. Then a time came when we became ace providers of development and integration of major software solutions in various technology skills domains such as Microsoft, Open Source (Perl / PHP / Python), Apple, Android, JAVA, Adobe (Flash / Flex), Google, Servers (Linux / Windows) and Cisco.

So, as a natural step we launched separate technology teams dedicated to each of these aforesaid technology domains.

We honor our commitment to you and would not rest until you are 100% satisfied.

Even though we have several pre-designed solutions, our main services are offering on demand customization, IT staff augmentation and outsourcing services.

If there’s a question about our services, way of functioning, comment about the industry or just about any suggestion- we are all ears.

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