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Video games and roleplaying are my thing but I have a strong love for pretty much anything nerdy and fun...aaron flament35 love all the nice women here,.i was away since friday back now due to apointments for my health that kept me busy.still busy just back from to see how evrybody friends new and long ones are doing this friday.Im notnow with somebody i met almost a month ago on here.The types of businesses listed in the right column are representative, but not exhaustive.

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am multi racial youg man with broken heart needs, some healing and im learned since past summer my hight im not 6ft 4,inches tall im about 5ft 11 inches tall and have toned skin light briown hair a...

I mean, I'm here, so naturally I'm prone to friskiness, but a good old-fashioned shit-shooting session is also more than welcome.

I'm open to pretty much anything from casual conversation/friendship to flirtation to a variety of extracurricular shenaniga...

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