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Several have been replaced by new shops, and one has been converted into a concierge lounge.2. And other things we would’ve remembered were it not for the cocktails.

3-D Video at Center Bar Center Bar at SLS sits smack dab in the (wait for it) center of the casino. One of the video segments features a golden human face.

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year in a row, Topless Travel hosts this main event.

The noise and shuffling wakes me up; my wife’s alarm goes off five minutes later. I’m at my desk and about to start checking my SLS (swinglifestyle) account.

Typical workday scramble — getting three kids off to high school, middle school, and elementary school. I hate using the word “swinger” — like some stupid ‘70s movie with Ron Jeremy — but SLS is a swingers website.

Not that we’re professionals — but we have been to a few of these things and know what we like and dislike.

This is a case where the husband is 100 percent “in,” while the wife needs convincing and booze. I put this wannabe guy on hold, and send a Kik message to a couple we’ve been messaging for a few months but have never met.

You can use SDC with any operating system, browser or device!

If you have ever attended an SDC takeover event you know we provide you with the ultimate erotic setting.

(It was originally called “X Heart O,” as the sign suggests, but that became an administrative nightmare given the fact there is no heart symbol on a standard keyboard.)The merchandise goes from tease to downright tawdry.

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