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Why is there an extraordinary disconnect between reality and anxiety?

You can thank the cultural conceit of “natural parenting” for problematizing infant and child health …

You are responsible to verify that the person is in fact, an attorney capable of helping you in court.

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We all know that these attorneys are often ineffective and not well-motivated to truly provide an aggressive defense for parents involved in CPS cases.

However, if you’re a low-income parent and can’t afford to hire an attorney on your own, you will have to learn to manage with the attorney the court gave you.

Before reading any farther on this site, This website is not made for poser vamps, close-minded people, or those who think that they are, or claim to be a vampire because they think the spirit of a vampire entered them at some time making them a vampire.

We call these people posers, which they are; they are confused lost children. It is for real vampires, curious people, and open-minded skeptics.

(All that was done was a credit check and The Work Number reports.) Is this any of my business or should I just let it go?

I believe it’s definitely something that management should know, but I would also never want to begrudge someone the chance to make a living.

at the very same historical moment when infant and child health are extraordinarily good.

Perinatal mortality, infant mortality, and child mortality are at historic lows.

Fight CPS isn’t an organization – it is just a website run by one person.


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