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If you are interested in submitting a chapter, please see the Submission Guidelines.In recent years, the number of students diagnosed with disabilities who are attending postsecondary institutions has increased dramatically.The diagnosis of a learning disability is often made by a psychologist trained in administering and interpreting psycho-educational assessments.

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Learning styles describe the ways in which individual children acquire information, evaluate it, and then examine their findings.

Learning styles in general are applicable to all content areas and settings.

Because there are no outward signs of a disability such as a white cane or wheelchair, students with learning disabilities are often overlooked or misunderstood.

Some instructors and administrators suspect that students who claim to have learning disabilities are faking it, are playing the system, or lack the intelligence needed to succeed in college.

Effective teachers try to present materials in ways that will interest children and help them to absorb the information.

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