Accommodating students with mood lability depression and bipolar disorder Red tube virtual chat

This can cause conflict with peers and staff, making social interaction a challenge.​Bipolar disorder is a medical condition which affects thinking, energy, moods and behaviors.

When the child is stable, he or she may be one of the best behaved students in your classroom.

​Bipolar disorder can have many effects on a student in the classroom.

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Students with psychiatric disabilities are entitled to reasonable academic accommodations as provided by the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 19 amendments.

Providing effective accommodations allows students equal access to academic courses and activities.

Symptom: Children with bipolar disorder often have a reversal in their sleep/wake cycle and it is extremely difficult for them to get to sleep at night and to wake up early in the morning.

He or she seems half comatose or extremely grumpy and sleeps through first and possibly second period, often missing important class material and doing poorly on tests in the first two periods.

A child struggling with a bipolar disorder is often highly gifted, but may have difficulty making transitions, and may have co-morbid syndromes that make him or her distractible, inattentive, anxious, or very perfectionistic.

He or she may also be sleepy from medications or may be having cognitive difficulties as a result of them.It can result in a substantially diminished capacity to cope with the demands of daily life.A mental illness is a hidden disability; it is rarely apparent to others. Major depression may be characterized by a depressed mood most of each day, a lack of pleasure in previously enjoyed activities, thoughts of suicide, insomnia, and consistent feelings of worthlessness or guilt.Accommodations:__________ Symptom: The student has difficulty with peers.The student may have poor social skills, be bossy, misperceive the behaviors and intentions of others, and be socially inappropriate at times.However, instability can cause the child to have odd and oppositional type behaviors.


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