Accommodating and modifying adhd students

Among the recommended components of these plans are a variety of classroom interventions (including behavior management), with a special emphasis on environmental modifications.Similarly, the recent reauthorization of IDEA, with its requirements for functional assessments, should increase the frequency with which classroom-based behavioral interventions are considered for these students.

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Classroom interventions for the student with ADHD should be based upon a solid foundation of general behavior intervention principles.

While students with ADHD do have a core of common problems, this group is fairly heterogeneous.

The remainder of this document describes how to integrate a program using these three components and provides suggestions for practices that can help children with ADHD in a classroom setting.

It should be emphasized that many of the techniques suggested have the additional benefit of enhancing the learning of other children in the classroom who do not have ADHD.

Through the implementation of relatively simple and straightforward accommodations to the classroom environment or teaching style, teachers can adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of students with ADD.

Small changes in how a teacher approaches the student with ADD or in what the teacher expects can turn a losing year into a winning one for the child.

Make sure that students are successful and challenged.

Model cognitive strategies such as "think aloud" techniques, which help students verbalize the thought processes they should engage in to complete the task.

You will probably find that most of your students with attention deficit disorder tend to benefit from some type of instructional modification, which is the cornerstone of helping students with attention deficit disorder succeed in the classroom.


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