Abuse in teenage dating

Teacher Guide DATING ABUSE (teen) This companion to the online course provides questions and topics for classroom discussion and activities Shield The 1255 Treat Blvd., Suite 530 Walnut Creek, CA Page 1 Dating Abuse (Teens) Outline. Introduction Dating Abuse Defined Facts About Dating Abuse Eastridge High School Q & A Power and Control Warning Signs of Abuse How to Prevent Abuse Dating Abuse Video Real Stories Bobby s Story Q & A Terri s and Amy s Stories Q & A Miguel s Story Q & A Ways to Prevent Abuse Healthy Relationships What Makes a Relationship Healthy or Unhealthy Things You Can Do Tips For Dating Safety Healthy Relationships Video Q & A Conclusion Screen shot from the course 2012 Shield The 1255 Treat Blvd., Suite 530 Walnut Creek, CA Page 2 Dating Abuse A GUIDE TO ENCOURAGE REFLECTION AND DISCUSSION This teacher s guide suggests questions, topics and activities that can be useful in creating assignments and prompting class discussions.

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In addition to the telephone hotline there is also a live chat option, which allows teens to connect to trained peer advocates via the web.

loveisrespect peer advocates are trained to offer crisis intervention, advocacy, and information and referrals.

The Office on Violence Against Women of the United States Department of Justice supported the launch of the helpline.

Acting Director Mary Beth Buchanan attended the launch of the helpline and was the first caller.

Katie Ray-Jones, president of the National Domestic Violence Hotline has heard stories from teens who have had dating partners use text messaging, social media and cellphone calls to intimidate and control them.

February In a 2011 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey, 9.4 percent of high school students reported experiencing some form of physical violence by the person they were dating in the 12 months before the survey.“We want to be able to get that healthy relationship education out early enough so that people understand what their expectations should be, so that we’re not trying to correct behavior at that point,” she says.A section of the Love is Respect Web site spells out the basics of dating and healthy relationships to help young people searching for information figure out if their feelings of unease about their relationship are a sign of something more serious.“I think, as a field, we’ve gained traction in educating young people around physical abuse and verbal abuse, but how that translates over a digital platform is not something that young people have necessarily made the link to,” she said.It is a form of dating abuse Ray-Jones feels her field is just beginning to understand, but they are “trying to be proactive with that messaging to help young people understand the risks and benefits of the digital medium.”In a 2007 Technology & Teen Dating Abuse Survey by Teenage Research Unlimited (TRU), teens reported that digital dating abuse “is a serious problem,” in which abusers try to control their partners with tactics like constant text messaging and cellphone calls, usually unbeknownst to their parents.But you decide to give her space and let her sort things out on her own.Many parents go through traumatic scenarios similar to this all the time.Teasing and name-calling are often considered a normal part of dating relationships, but these behaviors can lead to physical violence. peers, parents or other adults, media) present unhealthy relationships, suggesting that violence is acceptable. Define Dating Abuse: What does it mean to be controlling in a dating relationship? ACTIVITIES Large Group Discussion: As a class, review the Power and Control Wheel in the course. Why might one partner not want to share power in a relationship?


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