Freesex malayu - 8020 rule on dating

It claims that other 20 per cent will always be searching to do things for yourself to help you on the route to happiness.

Here’s another one: A wife, after her husband’s disclosure, will talk about how hurt she is and how it feels like the entire marriage is a sham.

In her pain, it feels as if there has never been a good day, never anything worth recounting, and that everything is a lie. It’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic! They already feel like an unlovable monster on the inside, so surrendering to the notion that it’s all bad, that everything is tainted, that there truly is no good left in them is scary.

In that scene, a discussion is had among the husbands on the retreat, in which two of the husbands reveal their infidelities.

Within that discussion the age old adage of the 80/20 rule is explained.

While having a grip on that 80%, ever so often someone comes along outside of the relationship possessing what is felt to be the missing 20% from your current involvement. When leaving a relationship, people tend to spotlight what they did not receive during its tenure.

Often the 20% is praised, focused on and even preferred to the point of defection. The 80% is traded in for the 20%, only for the trader to realize later that the 20% alone. Filling that void is top on the list when interacting with potential new mates.I felt like I could make up the other 20% somewhere else.I left my family and discovered that all I found was 20%.” This is what I need you to understand that whatever deficiency there is in your [marriage], if any, it can and will not be made up outside of the [marriage]. Remember the Rule: In our [marriages], our [spouses] are most likely only able to [provide] 80% of what we need.The rule is based on the Parento Principle but adapted to marriage and relationships.As adapted, the rule states that within a relationship a person will only get 80% of their wants and needs fulfilled from the person in which they are involved.He left his wife, his children and he even stopped speaking to his parents for years.


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