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port of an Exchange 2007 Hub Transport server, I got the following error: 452 4.3.1 Insufficient system resources Not a good thing the night before a presentation – Murphy’s law at work again!

421 validating sender-74

I need to implement input validation throughout my winform app.

There are many different forms where data can be entered and I would like to not go control by control by form and create is Valid etc per item. I see that most related posts deal with Web Apps and/or mention Enterprise Library Validation Application Block.

When there's a problem delivering a message, Exchange sends an NDR to the message sender that indicates there was a problem.

NDRs include a code that indicates why the message wasn't delivered, and possible solutions to help get the message delivered.

In other cases, an administrator may need to fix an issue in the Exchange environment, or notify the administrators in the destination domain about problems in their messaging environment.

For procedures related to NDRs in Exchange 2016, see Procedures for DSNs and NDRs in Exchange 2016.

This article is to provide you, the reader, the knowledge on how to properly create an Exchange 2013 Relay Connector.

In Exchange 2013, I am utilizing a multi-role server that has both the Client Access Server and Mailbox Server roles.

Now I admit I haven't thoroughly researched ELVAB but it like overkill for what I need.

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