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By doing this you really encourage her to talk a lot more about herself which is always a winner and asking questions that can lead to a yes or no answer can easily lead to a quick disaster for the conversation with your new date Stay tuned for our next installment of talking to women where we will discuss this in a bit more depth and also look at some different angles!

Judging by the demographics for this blog there’s a higher than average chance that you, dear reader, are single.

And there’s a Valentine’s Day celebration coming, with love “infesting” everything around us.

As an idea, the Bureau of Labor Statistics started gathering numbers in 1976 and now, for the first time ever, there are more single adults than those in a relationship.

True, the stats are for US only, but that’s easily representative for any other civilized country.

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And the numbers are huge, in 2014 there were 124.6 million single adults in the US alone (50.2% off the entire US population).

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